A Review on Apple & Eve Organic Fruit Juices


My household is a consumer of natural fruit juices, no particular brand. A juice product from concentrates is never part of my grocery list. On rare occasions, I am enticed to get some when the brands I prefer are on BOGO sale. Yes, I am cheap that way.

While perusing the aisle of Publix Supermarket the other week, I noticed a new offering displayed along the fruit juices section – the Apple & Eve Organics. The brand sounded familiar. I saw it first in Influenster wherein I am a member blogger or a product reviewer. Gladly, I was one of the many bloggers chosen to receive and review the product.

The Apple & Eve VoxBox arrived in my home last Saturday. It contained four (4) juice boxes of various flavors, namely tart cherry, berrylicious lemonade, fruit punch burst and raspberry apple splash.

Good timing. My husband was feeling under the weather. Fruit juices were the only beverage he wanted to ingest. As for my daughter, I pack her school lunch every day. The little fruit boxes were perfect! So it was just fitting to ask for their comments.

Husband’s Comment. He was the lone consumer of the 1-liter box of Apple & Eve 100% Juice Organics tart cherry flavor. His palate does not fancy any tart-flavored fruits so it was a stretch for him to drink it…so at first, he thought. Half-way to his first glass, he started to enjoy the tang. The absence (or minimal presence) of sugar made a massive difference. It successively diluted the tarty taste and saturated it with subtlety and pureness – the characteristics he wants in some fruits, especially he was ill. Anything mild flavored food or beverage was good.

Daughter’s Comment. I packed one fruit box for 3 school days. The very first thing she told me, “Hmmm, you can really taste lesser sugar in this!” I tell you, this is a big deal for me. My daughter does not have sweet tooth. She prefers her food and beverage with less (or no) sugar. In fact, I pack her bottled water for lunch. So this week was something out of the norm. Among the 3 flavors, she prefers the berrylicious lemonade the best!

My Comment. Since the word organics was boldly printed in the Apple & Eve boxes, I was disappointed when I realized that they were actually made from concentrates. The fine print says it all. This discovery prompted me to dig deeper on what this word means in labeling food and beverage products. Here’s what I found….

In December 1997, the USDA released its first proposal on new standards for organic foods. Since then, various amendments were passed. One of these modifications redefined the following labeling and marketing pitches:

100% Organic – a single ingredient such as a fruit, vegetable, meat, milk and cheese excluding the water and salt content.
Organic – multiple ingredients foods that are 95 to 100% organic.
Made with organic ingredients – contains less than 70% organic ingredients.

Will this change again, probably. So next time when buying organic products, read the fine prints first.

Working Up High: How to Safely Use a Ladder

Home ownership begets a sense of personal fulfillment and gratification. It is a realization of a status quo and a dream. However, it also amplifies the fear of the unknown and uncertainties especially when it is furrowed to a long-term promise of steadfast financial responsibility. Such feeling is not uncommon to middle-income earners, especially when the financial stability is primarily based on employment. As we know, economic strength is dwindling and constantly changing. But still, it remains an investment a number of us are risking our last dollar to keep.

Our household is one of the many American dreamers who acquired our residential dwelling by a mortgage or a loan. Obviously, our budget is tight right from the beginning. We bought a 4-year old home in a move-in ready condition. In order to infuse ‘our touch’, we repainted the whole interior walls and ceiling of the house. It was all originally painted in plain white, like a clean room. It has about 2,500 square-foot living space with high ceiling. Repainting was an arduous task. Fortunately, my husband is quite handy when it comes to home renovations. With some painting materials and a ladder, the project was set in motion. The most challenging part though….was working up high with a ladder. It poses some danger when not careful.

Working high above the ground is inescapable when painting a home. Good judgment, suitable tools and equipment, and some precautionary measures progress you through the project safely. Here are some tips on how to safely use a ladder:

Selecting a Ladder
Choose a ladder assessed as Type I (heavy duty, capable of bearing 250 pounds per rung). Wooden ladders are less likely to glide on a surface or be gusted over. They do not conduct electricity. However, they are hefty and grim to transfer without aid. Aluminum ladders are more convenient to move, but they conduct electricity and may be blown down or bumped over. Expensive fiberglass ladders are comparatively light and nonconductive. Select a ladder which is at least 15 inches wide with rungs that are 12 inches apart. The finest of them have non-skid bases and rope-and-pulley extension mechanisms.

Using a Ladder Safely
Working on a ladder is essentially hazardous. Perhaps the largest danger is becoming too comfortable when using it. It is easy to become cavalier and try to stretch just a little bit further to paint a spot without moving a ladder. Do not do it. Here are some other significant things to consider when working on a ladder.

Getting the Correct Angle
The angle at which the ladder inclines against the wall is very vital. If the angle is too excessive, the ladder is subject to tension and may break or bow. If the angle is too trivial, the ladder is likely to plummet backward. Station the ladder so that the feet are at least one foot from the house for every four feet that the ladder is extended.

Leveling the Ladder
If the ground is so soft that a leg of the ladder possibly sink and cause it to slant to one side, set the ladder on a piece of plywood or a flat wood. This should stabilize the hold of the ladder on the ground.

Climbing the Ladder
Always face forward and maintain your hips within the rails of the ladder. Let only one person on the ladder at a time. As a precaution, thoroughly sweep and maintain the dryness of the area where you are working and wear shoes with rubber soles.

If you do not have a suitable ladder available at home, try to look for ladders for hire. For a minimal fee, you can choose different types of heavy duty ladders from companies, like Lakeside-Hire. Renting is so easy and convenient. It can be done in a few clicks of your computer mouse.

Three Simple Anti-Aging Tips

With age comes wisdom. Unfortunately, so do physical signs of growing older. Gray hair, wrinkles, and dark under-eye circles are all changes that begin to take place as you age. Luckily, modern science and years of beauty experience have taught us how to ward off aging as long as possible. There are a number of natural ways to age with grace and stay looking young. Follow these three simple tips to tap into the fountain of youth today.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet
The best way to ensure that you are able to age gracefully is by eating a diet rich in vitamins, lean proteins, and good fats. Try incorporating vegetables into every meal, such as carrots, spinach, kale, or green beans. Combine this with a filling, lean protein such as chicken or salmon. By eating well, you will begin to transform your body from the inside out.

Get Enough Sleep
Those dark circle under your eyes are caused by two things: stress and a lack of sleep. The best way to look young for as long as possible to to make sure you are getting plenty of rest and avoiding stress as much as possible. Do this by setting a nightly bedtime and adhering to it. When you wake up, spend five minute meditating to prepare to take on the day. These simple habits will help you look well rested and younger immediately.
Sleep should be one of your best friends. Getting between seven and eight hours of sleep is beneficial to your health, concentration, and mood.

Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
The best way to supplement the first two tips is by taking a vitamin and mineral supplement. As the name would suggest, this type of product supplements the nutrition that you body is already getting from a well-balanced diet. There are also certain vitamins and minerals that specifically help with the anti-aging process. Vitamin A, for example helps improve eyesight, while biotin supports healthy, youthful looking skin. Your best bet to help decrease the signs of aging are to purchase an anti-aging supplement. This type of supplement, such as the one sold at PureNaturalScience.com, combines the best vitamins and minerals for health aging into one, easy-to-take pill. Incorporate this int your everyday health routine and you will be well on your way to looking and feeling young for years to come.

My First Root Canal Treatment and Dental Crown Installation

During my regular prophylaxis last year, Dr. Mani Mirpourian of Cooper Dental in Ormond Beach discovered a decayed molar after removing its old filling. Though the pulp was not yet inflamed or infected, re-filling it was no longer an option. Fortunately, it was found early on. Hence, it prevented further infection which would surely cause abscess or pain. There were only two options presented to me, either to extract it or to undergo a root canal treatment. Of course, I chose the latter in order to save the affected tooth.

Image Source: www.aae.org

Since it was my very first root canal treatment, I researched online as to what to expect from the process, most especially, the cost. I heard from some friends mentioning, a root canal treatment can cost an arm-and-leg if you have no dental insurance. But then again, it is still considerably expensive since most insurances covers only 50% of the cost. I also learned that, this method of saving a tooth is actually a dual- step process, thus requiring multiple visits to the dentists or endodontist. The actual root canal therapy is just the first step. The second step is to have a dental crown installed to protect and strengthen the tooth.

First Step: The Root Canal Therapy
The dental clinic gave me a brochure of an endodontics clinic in the area. I checked with my dental insurance company if the said endodontist is in their network. Unfortunately, he’s not. I prefer using in-network dentist to save on the cost.

Putting the rubber cones to fill the canal space. Yupe, this was how I looked like!

Using the insurance’s website, I was able to find Dr. Howard Pranikoff. I called his clinic to schedule an appointment. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. In less than a month, I had my root canal done. It usually takes two visits to complete this process, but since I was the only one scheduled for that afternoon, Dr. Pranikoff decided, to my delight, to finish it. On top of that, he had to file and fill three canals! He’s awesome!

You see it right! 3 canals…

The total (in-network) discounted cost was $1,034. It would have been more if I used an out-of-network clinic. So my out-of-pocket expense for this visit was $517.

Second Step: The Dental Crown Installation
All that money spent on a root canal therapy would be a waste without undergoing the second (and final) step of the save-a-tooth process. This can be done at the endodontics clinic, but I opted to go to my regular dentist at Cooper Dental. This step required two appointments.

One shaped molar….before taking its impressions.

The first appointment involved putting the permanent filling, shaping the tooth, taking its impression including color matching and putting the temporary crown. It was administered by Dr. Sapna Adappa (my favorite). The second appointment was scheduled after two weeks. Around this time, the third-party dental laboratory fabricated the permanent crown. The second visit was the quickest one. The dentist, Dr. Scott Carico, cemented the permanent porcelain-made dental crown and made a minor adjustment to ensure comfort and proper alignment of the new tooth.

The total in-network discounted cost was $801, so my out-of-pocket expense for the 2 visits was $400.50.

Tada! Back to its old glory!

The total out of pocket costs for the whole save-a-tooth process was $917.50 (with dental insurance). If you do not have insurance, add another $917 or more. Yes, it was costly, but worth it!

Are you still curious on how the whole procedure looks like? Here is a YouTube video:

A Ray of Sunshine from Daytona Beach

Enough with the hibernation (or writer’s block to be precise), I am back full-blast with my random ramblings and (at times) narcissistic story-telling. Kidding aside, I do miss sharing my thoughts and experiences to my readers, if there’s any. *wink*

For the past 3 months, many things had transpired both pleasant and dreadful. But then again, I am a positive person and want only the happy thoughts in my blog.

Here is a picture to send some sunshine to your way, taken at a nearby beachfront park.

I will be writing, and hopefully will have some awesome pictured too. Check back later.