Things to Consider When Riding Side by Side Vehicle


Put Safety First on Your Side by Side
If you are like so many side by side enthusiasts, you know what a blast it can be to hit the trails in a UTV. You have reliability and performance in an all terrain vehicle that gives you the added bonus of a passenger by your side. Now you can share every moment of the ride with someone else. Don’t forget in all of the excitement to practice side by side safety. You may feel like you are invincible, thanks to the excellent workmanship that goes into your vehicle. You still need to take precautions to ensure that you, your passenger, and anyone else on the trails has a safe ride.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Side by Side
You may have been riding an ATV for years, plus all other kinds of recreational vehicles. Don’t assume that you know what you’re doing the first time you get behind the wheel of your UTV. Take your time to read the manual and review all of the features of your machine. Get in and ride, acclimating yourself to how it handles and how everything works. You don’t want any surprises while you are on the move.

Don’t Forget Protection
Even though a side by side feels much more secure than an ATV, you need to use your protective gear. It is highly recommended to wear a helmet. Your seat-belts are a must as well, for you and your passenger. You do not want anyone to be ejected from your UTV. There is the chance that you will roll or crash into a tree. When you are secure in your seat, you are much less likely to be hurt.

Never Drive While Impaired
When you get behind the wheel of a side by side, you are driving a vehicle. You need to follow the same rules as you would with a car or truck. Never drive your UTV when you have overindulged in alcohol. Avoid driving while impaired by drugs. If you do not feel that it is safe for you to drive, ask someone else to be your designated driver. If you plan on indulging, be the passenger. Otherwise, you could be faced with a serious accident that could hurt you, your passenger, and other riders out on the trails. Be safe and allow everyone to enjoy the experience.

Vimbly: Finding the Right Recreational Activities the Easy Way

Yesterday, a colleague at work invited me to attend a theme-specific event at the local skating rink tonight. The activity is targeted towards patrons who grew up during the 80’s. Just the thought of it excites me! The hair, the bright colored clothing, and more. I would love to go, but a prior engagement denied me the opportunity to see it for myself. Would it make a difference if I knew it sooner? Probably.

One of my resolutions this year is to shift my [real-life] social life a notch higher. Aside from my workplace, it mainly consists of flipping through the pages of my Facebook account. Yupe, reality bites. To be on top of what’s going around the area – I subscribe to some of the Facebook pages of local establishments, so whenever they have an upcoming event. Here is the kicker – it is not enough. The options are very limited. I know, somewhere out there, there are interesting events and activities that I do not know of. Most importantly, something that do not cost an arm and leg.

A new website called Vimbly.Com is what I should look out for. It eases the burden of finding interesting events, classes, activities and date ideas in 18 major cities in the country, and more to come this year. With a single webpage, it consolidates the advertisements from different business and enables me to book directly on the same site. Awesome, right?

It is no-brainer to use. Since the listing is enormous, the filter feature comes in handy. Remarkably enough, the choices of interests are shown as images including the gender. Basically, the page display multiple images and I just clicked on what tickles my brain. At the end of the process, it gives me a variety of available activities with the details, including the cost. Here are the categories to choose from:

If you are curious, here is the activity that captivated my interest.

I have seen a dining activity like Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show in a TV show sometime ago, but I never thought that it was real until now. This would be a totally new experience for me and my family. This is something that will definitely happen soon.

Disclaimer : This is a paid post.

[Product Review] Foxbrim Retinol Moisturizing Cream

I have been using the product for 2 weeks now, and I like it. I am one of those people who could not live without applying moisturizer to my face after shower, toning/cleansing and most especially, before putting on my make-up. No matter how light my make-up is, it helps in holding up the blush color on my cheeks on all day long. Being in my mid 30’s, I am fully aware that sooner or later, I will be starting to see wrinkles and lines on my face. So this makes me very conscious of my choice when it comes to beauty products. I prefer natural or subtle solutions, like this brand. It includes Vitamin A as one of its composition, but in a reasonable amount. The only drawback I see – I am not a fan of the pump dispensing. I am a cheapskate, so I always make sure that I use ALL – whatever is left in the container. But with this one, it would be difficult to do just as that. So far, I am happy with the product.

For more reviews from other customers, visit the product’s Amazon website HERE.

Sending Good Vibes to Good People

Most of the time, people post reviews online when we are unhappy or unsatisfied with a shopping experience. But not with me! I tend to send more praises, and just let go of my rants…unless if the experience is really that bad.

Here is an email I sent today to the Corporate Office of Publix Supermarkets.

I just want to shout out to this Ormond Beach branch for their excellent customer service, especially at their Meat Department.

Being a Filipino, I prepare certain dishes that require pork belly/side with the skin on. Whenever I go to the meat section of Store #0446 (Ormond Towne Square), I always end up going home happy and satisfied. The staffs are very attentive. There is no need to call on them. As soon as they see you perusing by their section or the custom cut meat fridge, they never fail to ask if you need anything not seen on the shelves. Most of the time, I see pork belly/side on display. At times, there is none. All I need to do is ask one of the men if they have anything; they immediately look at the stockroom. So far, I never experience being denied of ‘my’ pork belly/side without checking the stockroom.

Thank you! My family gets to enjoy pork adobo…Filipino style!

Well, I hope more people would focus more on the good of people or the experience than the bad ones. Life is too short to be miserable of petty things.

2015 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series Results (Daytona Beach Chapter)

The 2015 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series Daytona Beach Chapter Finals took place today at the Mainland High School campus in Daytona Beach. Each of the 13 middle schools in Volusia County was represented by at least five (but no more than ten) of their brightest math students. Hinson Middle and Ormond Beach, as expected, dominated the competition. Here is the list of winners:

Spirit Award
New Smyrna Beach Middle

Most Improved
Galaxy Middle

Ciphering Team Competition
1st Place Hinson Team A
2nd Place Ormond Beach
3rd Place Hinson Team B (Amber’s team)
4th Place Silver Sands

Top 4 Individual Countdown Finishers
1st Place Jude Flynn of Ormond Beach
2nd Place Julia Van Cleef of Hinson (Daytona Beach)
3rd Place Justin Singh of Ormond Beach
4th Place Bianca DeHaan of Silver Sands (Port Orange)

My 7th grade daughter took the 9th place in the individual countdown round. It was her second year to be part of the Hinson Middle competition team. Here’s more – she advanced to the State Finals next month as an alternate. Not bad at all for somebody who relies mostly on self-study.