[Review] Oleavine™ Konjac Fiber Ultra Soft Beauty Sponge


When I was a teenager, my face was plague with nasty zits. An oily skin added with the dust, I was prone to break outs. I covered it with thick make-up foundation. It did no good though. It worsened. Going to a dermatologist was not an option either. My parents could not afford it. In…

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The Benefits of a Regular Well-Woman’s Medical Check-up

Adult women, whether sexually active or not, are recommended to undergo a regular Well-Woman’s medical examination. This preventative measure, which is usually done yearly, centers the deterrence of potential health problems concerning the female reproductive system, especially breast and cervical cancers. The most common exams include breast, pelvic and pap smear. Personally, I dread this…

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Nissan Road Safety Barrier System

New technology showed by Nissan in toptrafficsafty.com at the presentation is mainly about three aspects such as safety, environmental protection, zero emission and basic technology, “security” is China’s domestic Japanese one of the most popular topic, so we first look at Nissan in this respect. The concept of “road safety barrier system” Nissan was established…

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